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Reduce up to 25% the customer CHURN in the first month.

The new way to interact with your customers

2.5 Millions People use instant message apps all over the world.



    Less waiting time to solve an issue.


    Greater success rates on issues resolutions.


    Customers trust the company more.

  • EASE

    More agile and efficient communication.

  • COST

    Low cost to the user.


    Customer’s user interface ready to the future.


Zed Agente Conversacional
Zed Agente Conversacional

Use the instant message app to talk with your customers.

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Zed Asistencia Digital
Zed Asistencia Digital


Customer care in a faster and efficient way.


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Zed Localiza
Zed Localiza


Apps that increase the safety and improve the communication among your customers.


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Why Zed?

Zed, applying Big Data to the Mobile Internet for 19 years

The number 1 company worldwide in mobile monetisation. With more than 19 years of experience, it manages 250 million new data items per day and generates 40 million transactions per month. Zed is present in 18 countries and has stable agreements with more than 45 operators totalling more than 40 million active users.