Content Services

87% of users use their mobile devices in their leisure time.

Do you want to entertain your customers?

68 % of people use their mobile phone in their journeys.


  • Closer than ever

    You will know when and with what message to get closer to you should approach your customers.

  • Emotional connection

    It is easier to establish communication through leisure.

  • New source of incomes

    Promoted by high-value content and accelerated by virality.

  • Real-time data

    It improves segmentation and optimises your business strategies.

  • Higher customer loyalty

    It offers a friendlier and more innovative experience.

  • Strong brand image

    Your customers will see it as added value.



Integral cloud reading solutions, accessible from any device, anywhere. It increase incomes and customer loyalty with high-value contents, offering a unique experience.

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Your premium market places to Android smartphones.

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clubes descarga de contenido
clubes descarga de contenido

The most complete solution to offer content download to your customers.

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Why Zed?

Zed, applying Big Data to the Mobile Internet for 19 years

The number 1 company worldwide in mobile monetisation. With more than 19 years of experience, it manages 250 million new data items per day and generates 40 million transactions per month. Zed is present in 18 countries and has stable agreements with more than 45 operators totalling more than 40 million active users.