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Loyalty and sales

Solutions adapted to each operator communication and needs.

Increase brand awareness and obtain high revenues through campaigns with spectacular prizes:

  • Branding Campaigns: generate huge brand awareness.
  • Reward and Mobile Loyalty Programs: encourage the consumption of your services.
  • Incentives Marketing Programs: increase the value of your customers' top-ups.

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We help you making your customers value these campaigns by advising you on the most appropriate communication strategies in each case.

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Success stories
Reward and Loyalty Program
Customers' increment + 8 million
Charged events + 60 million

The campaign was launched in 2012 and not only it is still active, let alone it has become one of the Operator's recurrent actions. Through the incentives program it supports the corporate communication actions, reduces the user's churn and increases the ARPU, stimulating the consumption of products and services.

  • Communication of the campaign via operator's channels
  • Segmented loyalty actions: prizes to users for use and behaviour
  • Contextualised and themed prizes
  • Top-up frequency model
  • Strengthening their presence and awareness on social networks

What did we do to
reach the objective?
Reward and Loyalty Program
Increase in customers + 2 million
Events charged + 21 million

Combined Incentive, Loyalty, Increase in ARPU and Churn Reduction programmes

  • Compensation actions via the operator's services.
  • Segmented loyalty actions based on daily behaviour.
  • Contextualised and themed prizes.
  • Forecast of consumption metrics.
  • Top-up frequency model.
  • Churn prediction model.
  • 4 campaigns carried out between 2010 and 2012.

What did we do to
reach the objective?
Incremental ARPU campaign
Customers' increment + 11 million
Charged events 40 million

Together with the Operator we set up a combined program for Incentive, Loyalty and Increase in ARPU.

  • Spectacular prize and reward program
  • Segmented loyalty actions based on daily behaviour
  • Announcement of the actions in television campaigns and through the operator's channels
  • Two 70-day campaigns carried out in 2011

What did we do to
reach the objective?