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Gadir is a robust, scalable and secure platform. A comprehensive solution with which you can:

  • Evolve your business, improving the user experience and adding new services and features.
  • Effectively manage costs, thanks to task automation, resource optimisation or process outsourcing.
  • Optimise the sales network unifying all the services under a single interface.

Focused on customers

Centralisation and Big Data

Gadir is a multi-device management package which includes all the elements for the management and supervision of a virtual store. On a single interface you can manage:

  • Your own payment gateway: without depending on third parties thanks to its advanced charging possibilities.
  • Content and portals: loading content, deck portals, content stores, promotions and banners management.
  • Reports and analysis: presented on a configurable, filterable and attractive dashboard.
  • Digital profiling & Churn prevention: based on advanced algorithms capable of predicting delinquency and helping to counteract it.
  • Text alert: managing subscription services.
  • Notification server: SDK to integrate your apps with notifications for smartphones.
  • CRM Campaigns: segmented to offer users what they need at all times.
  • Big Data recommendation: optimisation of services and value creation.

    Customer services






    Subscription services


    Operability and maintenance






    Content management


    Portal management






    Big Data analysis and management


    Balance request

  • Notification Server

Success story
+54% Quarter 1, 2014
+74% Quarter 2, 2014
+55% Quarter 3, 2014

Increase in revenue compared to 2013


A major operator in Central America was not very satisfied with the management of its payment collection platform. The design of its portals was very complex, using several intermediate platforms for the payment collection, each with their own management criteria and flow. All this complexity, increased the development, support and maintenance of the platform costs. They were looking for an alternative.

At Zed we focused on analysing the platform and finding a solution with a more functional and usable design that incorporated new features in the business management.

Our proposal

In the beginning of 2014, we decided to implement a Gadir pilot in Central America and in a short period of time we managed to improve the service, -within the actual operator as well as what it is offered to customers-, increase completed transactions and substantially improve it's revenue. All thanks to the progressive introduction of features such as new payment models, online billing and rebilling transactions, direct payment from native apps... and others that will be introduced throughout the year to reinforce these achievements.

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